Hi! Iโ€™m Gabby and thanks for stopping by The Tolerant Table ๐Ÿ˜Š

After a very long career in corporate communications, I decided it wasnโ€™t for me and was given the opportunity to move on so I jumped at it. I am now in my final year of studying a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) at Endeavour College in Sydney, and hope to go on after that to do further studies in food, particularly how using food as medicine can help one overcome health challenges.

So how do you get from corporate communications to Naturopathy? I found a health crisis that arrived in the guise of an autoimmune condition (or two!) was the wake up call I needed to push me onto that path. I went from a typical Western, highly processed (low fat) diet, to a wholefoods diet over the course of a few years and never looked back. The health improvements I experienced got me excited at the prospect of being able to help others do the same. Food and herbs are my first loves so Naturopathy seemed an appropriate choice.

Why The Tolerant Table? I am one of many people who manage an autoimmune condition with diet, under very strict supervision. When you throw multiple food intolerances into the mix combined with the fact that I love to eat out, it can get a little complex. I especially love the Sydney cafรฉ scene but have found little information on cafes or restaurants that welcome those with precious guts to their tables, so Iโ€™m compiling my own resource. If you manage multiple food intolerances, if youโ€™re a real food advocate or if youโ€™re just looking for establishments with healthy meals Iโ€™m hoping The Tolerant Table will be a useful resource for you too. Since I also love to cook, Iโ€™ll throw in plenty of recipes for good measure too!

Tolerant is an interesting word. I liked โ€˜The Tolerant Tableโ€™ for a number of reasons. Firstly, it would highlight the wonderful establishments that are tolerant of feeding those with food intolerances or particular dietary requirements, but the name also brought with it connotations of tolerance in all things. Tolerance of othersโ€™ cultures, opinions, religions, valuesโ€ฆ the list goes on.

I hope you find something that inspires you in these pages

Gabby ๐Ÿ’ž