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There’s a lot to love about Two Chaps in Marrickville. It’s tucked away in a little back street so you don’t sense the hustle and bustle of an otherwise busy, slightly industrial area, the baristas are super friendly, the space is extra funky, and they have a few menu offerings for those with intolerances. Quite the find!

On my first visit I thought the space might once have been a garage that had been converted to a café, and a bit of research showed I was almost right. It seems Two Chaps came to life in an old welding workshop and now houses two businesses including Two Chaps – the café out the front, and Sticky Chai – a Japanese style chai also made on site. All run by the same two chaps, co-owners Piero Pignatti Morano and Richie Maxfield.

Inside Two Chaps Cafe, Marrickville
Inside the café you will find lots of exposed brick and concrete, a stack of mismatched furniture along with bicycles and bike parts that hang from the ceiling at the back of the café, all of which add to its charm and quirkiness. If you take a seat towards the back you can also peer into the open kitchen and watch the day’s creations being made. I do love me a bit of kitchen theatre, I find it mesmerizing!

The menu here has a wholefoods focus, which truly warms the heart. It does change regularly, however they always seem to include something for those with intolerances and for that we say a big thank you!

Two Chaps Menu Feb 15
For the egg, gluten and/or dairy intolerant buckwheat granola with poached fruit, which can be ordered with coconut yoghurt, is a gorgeous breakfast option. If spelt is well tolerated, their spelt pancakes (griddle cakes) with coconut yoghurt and cinnamon agave* is another, also good for our nut free friends. If it’s just dairy you can’t manage a coconut, almond and chia seed bircher muesli with stone fruit and coconut yoghurt is yet another delight! A specials board sits on the wall behind the barista and often contains egg, gluten, nut and dairy free treats so be sure to check that out too.

For a low histamine option, spelt pancakes are an excellent choice. Just be sure to ask the lovely staff if they could hold the coconut yoghurt and serve them with honey instead of agave. Nothing on the menu struck me as being obviously low fodmap friendly however things may pop up on the specials board so keep an eye out. Might be best as a coffee / tea stop in this instance. Well worth it!

Intolerant friendly breakfast
If you are just popping in for a coffee or a very special little pot of sticky chai the wonderful news for the dairy and soy intolerant is, they have almond milk! They were making it themselves at one stage but they are now stocking one of our favourite brands, Inside Out Nutritious Goods Almond Milk… bless them.

Coffee at Two Chaps
I have not yet visited Two Chaps of an evening but they are open for dinner from 6-10pm on Thursday and Friday nights. Looking over the menu online shows two nibbles and two bread selections along with three antipasti, three pastas, two salads and three desserts. It can also be made gluten-free and/or vegan on request, which is wonderful! The current menu shows no low histamine or low fodmap options but again it will change frequently so best to check back in from time to time, or ask the staff if anything can be changed to suit your needs.

Coffee has always been my first love in cafés but it’s often the sticky chai I go for when visiting Two Chaps, and with the almond milk of course! Not that their coffee isn’t worth having mind you, I’ve tried it on numerous occasions and it certainly is, but the sweet and spicy taste of the sticky chai with a creamy almond milk is just too special to pass up.

Chai Tea at Two Chaps
Just a note on the spelt pancakes for the histamine intolerant – They do contain eggs and there is a stack of conflicting information regarding eggs being ‘safe’ or ‘unsafe’ on a low histamine diet. Some histamine containing foods lists suggest they are histamine releasing, while others suggest it is just the raw egg white that is histamine releasing and there is no issue with eggs once they’re cooked. Best bet is to test whether or not eggs are an issue for you by eliminating them from your diet for a couple of weeks, then adding them back in and being mindful of any symptoms that may occur.

* I am not a fan of agave and have briefly explained why in another post. My suggestion would be to skip it or ask for honey.


Two Chaps
122 Chapel Street, Marrickville
(02) 9572 8858

Opening Hours
Tue to Fri 7:00 am – 3:00 pm
Thu to Fri 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Sat & Sun 8:00 am – 3:00 pm

Social Media
Facebook (@twochapscafe)
Instagram (@twochapscafe)

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