There is so much I adore about Pizzaperta. If you’ve connected with me on social media you would know I make no secret of the fact my husband and I spend a lot of time there. There are a couple of reasons for that, firstly it’s quite conveniently situated just across the road from our house… but location aside, it is without a doubt the best pizza in Sydney. Pizza is a controversial topic for a Sydneysider because we have a stack of pizzerie here… hundreds, maybe thousands (I might be exaggerating) and many of them are fabulous, some less so, however have our favourites as we might there isn’t a single person I’ve sent to Pizzaperta that doesn’t come away telling me it’s the best pizza they’ve had. I understand that’s a big call… but it’s true.

Pizzaperta was opened by Stefano Manfredi who has been called ‘Australia’s Godfather of Italian cuisine’. He is more than deserving of that title, and I can say with all certainty that there isn’t a thing he doesn’t know about Italian fare… I know because I’ve bailed him up in the corner to ask him questions about it enough times, poor man.

Stefano Manfredi Stefano and Chris
There is a wonderful team of people who have brought Pizzaperta to life along with Stefano over the last 16 months, Gianluca Donzelli the head chef being one of them. Gianluca is an official ambassador for Neapolitan pizza in Australia and he makes a cracking pizza let me tell you! From day one Stefano and Gianluca have worked with their team to ensure their focus was on making a traditional, seasonal and new wave menu with the finest quality ingredients. It’s definitely pizza you just want to keep coming back for…. and that we have.

But you’re wondering why we’re even talking pizza on an intolerant / allergy friendly, wholefoods and health-related blog aren’t you? I’m glad you asked! 😀

I’ll start by saying that when you have food intolerances, particularly a wheat/gluten intolerance, you tend to make peace with the fact there are certain foods that must be a thing of your past. Pizza is one such food because in most instances deciding whether the GF pizza or the box it came in has more flavour can be tough. They are truly repulsive and they also sit in your stomach like a brick for days to come. I remember reading an article that suggested eating GF pizza was akin to ‘licking stamps’. This is actually quite true… Well it was true, before Pizzaperta opened.

Chef Gianluca Donzelli Pizzaperta_March
Aside from the GF pizza issues… thanks to the likes of many a cheap pizza chain using highly processed ingredients we no longer think of pizza as a nutritious meal. Liquid cheese anyone? Pizza is considered junk food and there’s generally little argument about that fact however, I believe the team at Pizzaperta are changing the way we look at it by using whole, real, fresh and seasonal ingredients. They don’t use any highly refined products and the GF flour in particular needs special mention because it contains absolutely no gums or additives as so many GF flours do. Their mix instead contains a combination of wholesome flours, one of which is buckwheat.

Why do we care about buckwheat flour? Because it is high in zinc, copper, magnesium and manganese and buckwheat is also good for the immune system <3 The ‘normal’ flour is stoneground too meaning it also retains the majority of those lovely vitamins and minerals. This dough goes through a long fermentation process, and is left to mature for 24 to 36 hours instead of the usual two to three, which makes it far more digestible for the non-intolerant types that may be in your dining party. When’s the last time you considered the vitamin and mineral content of your pizza and how digestible it was? All of that considered, I think we can agree Pizzaperta pizza is a nourishing option, yes?

The menu at Pizzaperta
Whether the Pizzaperta team knows it or they don’t, they have created a very intolerant friendly menu. They can cater to the gluten, wheat, dairy, egg, soy and nut free diner with a few pizzas also being low fodmap and one being low histamine. For most, that means there is more than just one thing to choose from… I know! It IS exciting!

  • For the gluten intolerant types – The traditional and classical pizzas along with the new wave pizzas are what you’re after. The Roman teglia style is not suitable as it’s a focaccia base
  • For the dairy intolerant types – Just ask for ‘no cheese please’!
  • For the low histaminers – There are a stack of white pizzas on their menu. Hurrah! Toppings on some can be troublesome but the potato and rosemary is a great choice and my fave
  • For the low fodmappers – You will need to go white base too as the tomato sauce has garlic in it, but there will be a few you can choose from on that gorgeous menu so choose away

Sicilian, Capers and Anchovies Pizza Buffalo Mozzarella and Prosciutto di Parma Pizza
There are just a couple of little things to note. The GF pizzas are cooked in the beautiful Stefano Ferrara wood-fired oven, where all the other pizzas are made. The kitchen team go above and beyond what most restaurants would do to ensure there is no cross-contamination including having a separate GF prep space, wearing gloves and cleaning down the section of the oven the GF pizza will be cooked in. I can say I have taken a coeliac friend for dinner with me and they have had no issues however, you will need to be the judge of whether this process is suitable for you. For the dairy intolerant – all the pizza edges get a little sprinkle with parmesan for that extra bit of flavour so when you’re ordering, even if it’s a marinara Neapolitana, just be sure to ask them to leave it off.

If you’re not in the mood for pizza (don’t worry that never happens to me either) there is a fab antipasto platter (not dairy free) and a selection of salads that will suit most intolerances. Then there’s the bar and its fabulous cocktails and short but divine wine list. Post pizza you will definitely want to try an Espresso di Manfredi Martini so leave some space!

Espresso Martini
Updated 29 March 2016


Harbourside Ground Floor,
The Star Sydney,
Entry on Pirrama Rd
Pyrmont NSW 2009
1800 700 700

Opening Hours:
Tue to Sat 11:30am – 12am
Sun 12:30pm – 6pm

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