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Cafe Without a Name (Outdoors 1) Cafe Without a Name (Outdoors 2)
It’s not that I don’t know the name of this cafe…. Cafe Without a Name is actually its name. I will admit it took me some time to figure that out but then, I’m not quick when it comes to things like that.

Cafe Without a Name popped up in my Instagram feed one sunny day, then another, and another and photo after photo was showing me delicious raw treats and perfect coffees. That is definitely the kind of place that hits my ‘must go to’ list and so it did.

I took two of my lovely friends with me to try it out the first time I went, one of which is the gorgeous author of the Patches McGee website. There has been many a subsequent visit too because as we found on day one, it’s fab.

Cafe Without a Name (Coffee Delivery)  Cafe Without a Name Van
First thing to know about this cafe is, it’s nestled inside a little warehouse called the Hardware store so it’s easily missed if you don’t know where to look. Make your way about 3/4 of the way down McCauley St in Alexandria, and there you’ll find it on the left.

Other things to note are, it is literally bursting with heart and soul. It’s a feel-good kind of place and that is all the work of Frank, the lovely cafe owner. I met Frank on my initial visit and he instantly struck me as being a super friendly chap that you could just sit and chat to for hours. In fact, we did sit and chat to him for quite a long time! He’s very genuine, extremely passionate about his coffee and he does everything required to make sure whatever time you spend at his cafe is enjoyed. You already love it, don’t you?

Frank from Cafe Without a Name
Cafe Without a Name is not really what one might list as an outright intolerant friendly or even ‘clean eats’ cafe, although each visit seems to bring with it a new nourishing offering. If you’re going for an intolerant friendly breakfast you’re not going to find it, but if you’re going for some of Sydney’s best coffee and mid-morning raw treats with no nasties, this is definitely the place for you!

So about that coffee…. they serve Frankie’s Beans here and yes it is Frank’s own brand. In fact he started out roasting his own coffee, which merged into opening his own cafe that now serves it. And I might mention that the 3 Colombians Blend won a silver medal at the Australian International Coffee Awards last year. Come and grab yourself a coffee sometime soon and you’ll see why. While you’re at it, ask for one made on their absolutely delicious HOMEMADE almond or coconut milks. I am yet to try the coconut milk but that’s because the almond milk is so luscious and creamy I can’t bring myself to change.

If you’re not a coffee lover they serve Chamellia 9 spice organic chai or matcha green tea too. Or if you’d prefer something cold with the weather warming up Kombucha Max can be found in the fridge, and Frank also tells me cold drip coffee with almond milk to go will soon be available.

Cafe Without a Name Coffee and Chai  Cafe Without a Name Coffee
Now to the intolerant friendly treats, and I will start by saying, they’re SO good! Love Raw Creations and Gigi’s Treats supply Cafe Without a Name with the latter being Frank’s partner. Apparently, raw treat making is something she does on the side but if you ask me, it’s time for that lovely lady to give up her day job and create a business. Yum!

Where to start with Love Raw Creations divine little morsels… nourishing Mars Bar anyone? How about a raw Snick-ers bar or a Raspberry Ripe? Between those and Gigi’s sticky date or bounty bites, you’ll be hard pressed to make up your mind. This is why taking reinforcements is essential because you can force everyone to choose something different and split them.

Gigi's Treats  Love Raw Creations Mars Bar
All raw treats are gluten, grain, wheat, dairy, egg, and soy free. At this stage, none are nut free or low fodmap given the dates but you never know your luck in a big city! They may appear one day and I’ll keep you updated on that. Many are cashew or almond based with cacao so they don’t fit the histamine friendly list either but I’ve certainly tried a few with little side effects, which I think is due to the fact they’re not enormous chunks of dessert, but rather, perfect little bite sized treats.

Love Raw Creations
There is no indoor seating here, just a few pallet tables and chairs outside that let you hang under the trees while you sip your coffee, enjoy your treats and ponder life… or the impressive street art that adorns the walls. Your choice. I only went to Cafe Without a Name for the first time in June but it has fast become a solid favourite that I visit as often as possible. It really is a very relaxing place to be amidst the hustle and bustle of Sydney so if you haven’t been, stop by and say hi to Frank, guaranteed you’ll love everything about it <3


Cafe Without a Name
50 McCauley St, Alexandria
(02) 9698 9174

Opening Hours
Mon to Fri 6:00am to 11:30am

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  1. The first two photos were enough to get me intrigued, i would visit CWaN based on those alone! The coffee dude, van….Hilarious but so clever. And the almond milk i can taste it from over here in SA.
    I note with interest, because i might steal the idea, your inclusion of the name, address and, phone number at the end of your blog. Brilliant idea, Gabby.

    Another great blog about your wonderful Sydney eateries. I am officially jealous X

    • I know!! I love that van! The other side says ‘Coffee Dude’s Passenger’ 😊 The almond milk there is like cream, just gorgeous. Definitely worth adding details at the bottom of posts for your readers. Can be a bit of a task keeping it up to date but I think it’s worth it 😊 x

  2. I’m so grateful that you introduced me to this gem of a cafe! I couldn’t agree more with everything in your review, especially Frank’s infectious enthusiasm! An instant favourite for me too. xxx

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