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Mandarin peel powder

Mandarin peel powder is something newly stocked in my kitchen pantry. If it were not for my very clever sister-in-law I wouldn’t have known about this fabulous little trick! I don’t know about you but I have been tossing all my mandarin peels into the compost. Not necessary it would […]


Effects of sugar on the body

The effects of sugar on the body really are dependent on the volume being consumed. We all love a little bit of something sweet from time to time. A bit of chocolate, the occasional piece of cake, honey in your tea,Β bliss balls or raw desserts. What’s not to like?Β I think […]

How to beat sugar cravings

How to beat sugar cravings

Learning how to beat sugar cravings can be a key step in your health journey. Thing is though, many of us can find sweet treats very difficult to give up…. or even just to enjoy in moderation. This is especially true when dealing with sugar cravings. Why do we crave […]

GF Sourdough Pancakes close up
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Sourdough pancakes

Gluten-free sourdough pancakes for breakfast are an absolute treat, and one your gut will love too. We seem to have hit the pre-Easter season quite early this year…. so here we are, heading straight for Shrove Tuesday and that means pancakes, even if it’s pancakes for dinner! You wouldn’t normally […]

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Can your gut health affect your sleep?

Would you have considered that your gut health could affect your sleep? It doesn’t seem the likeliest of connections, does it? However, a growing body of evidence now shows there is a dynamic link between your brain and your gut (1). It is an intricate communication system known as theΒ gut-brain […]