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Mini omelettes

Preparing a nutritious breakfast as you fly out the door can seem an impossible task some days. This is where make-ahead meals, like these delicious mini omelettes (or frittatas – whichever you prefer 😊), can definitely shine. They can be made in a big batch on a weekend, or a […]

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Loving your liver this Christmas

Christmas really is that time of year that can push you to the limits in so many ways, can’t it? There are crowds everywhere, traffic jams, and a never-ending lineup of parties. You can often be exhausted before Christmas even arrives! I’m all for celebrating with family and friends because […]

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Macadamia freezer fudge

I have never been a traditional fudge fan if I’m completely honest. I KNOW! Where do you even start with someone like me? 😳 Trust me, I tried to like it on many, many occasions but it was far too sweet for my tastes…. even back in the days when my […]