Natural Medicine Dispensary


I take an evidence-based and largely food as medicine approach when creating all my treatment plans. However, there may be times we will also need to incorporate herbal medicine and nutritional supplements to achieve optimal results for you. With this in mind, ensuring I choose only the best herbal medicine and nutritional supplements is of the utmost importance to me.

Quality is key

All the herbal medicine and nutritional supplements I prescribe are of the highest quality and many are practitioner only. This is important to note because as with all things, not all herbs and supplements are created equal. In fact their quality and efficacy can vary quite significantly.

The companies I have chosen to source my natural medicines from are committed to the highest standards of manufacturing. This is not always the case with over-the-counter herbs and supplements. Practitioner only nutraceutical companies use excellent quality raw materials and minimise ingredients (such as fillers and preservatives) that can reduce overall effectiveness. They also often contain an active form of an ingredient or certain ingredients are present in much higher doses, which is often necessary to achieve therapeutic results.

All the herbal medicine and nutritional supplements I stock are available to my clients and are mailed out directly post our Skype consultation.