Is OCD connected to autoimmune disease in children?

Autoimmune disease is a strong clinical focus for me, as I have experienced the many complexities of managing my own condition and know firsthand how distressing and at times isolating this can be… as well as how rewarding and empowering it can be when your health is restored.

My interest continues out of the clinic and I undertake research on numerous autoimmune conditions for my own interest, or to provide more robust background information to a client’s case, as no two presentations are ever alike.

Recently, I had heard some discussion about sudden onset Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in children possibly being connected to an autoimmune response but had not previously seen any studies on the connection. After some extensive reading, I found that research suggests sudden onset OCD could in fact be the result of an immune reaction to a common childhood infection. Fascinating!

I wrote a short article on the findings for fx Medicine that takes a brief look at the history of the condition, literature to date, signs/symptoms, diagnosis and available treatments. Our immune system and what it’s capable of are truly incredible. Have a read! 👉🏻 Is OCD connected to autoimmune disease in children?

Fx Medicine


  1. Very interesting read Gabby. My best friend growing up had OCD and I wonder what she would say, not sure she had an autoimmune issue. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a connection.

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