Overnight Oats with Berries

Overnight oats with banana and almond butter

Overnight oats have to be one of my favourite summer breakfasts. Just when you think you can no longer enjoy your porridge because the weather is warming up, overnight oats come to the rescue!

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If I’m honest, I was 100% certain before I tried an overnight oats recipe a few years back, that it would be completely tasteless. I mean, what’s to love about the flavour of practically raw oats? Have you tried chewing on one just for the hell of it? Or is that just me? If you’ve not I can fill you in…. not very tasty!

However…. mix those little grains with some other ingredients like a non-dairy milk, banana, nut butter and cinnamon, let them mingle overnight and soften, and you have yourself a delicious breakfast!

We can also add to the deliciousness of this recipe, the fabulous health benefits. Oats are a wonderful food to include in your diet if you have high cholesterol because they contain a soluble fibre called beta glucan. This type of fibre has been shown to bind to excess cholesterol in the digestive tract and reduce cholesterol reabsorption. Definitely something we want. In addition, oats are rich in several vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help to lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity just to name a few things. Such a heart friendly food!

If you are gluten intolerant my brand of choice is gloriously free oats, as they are grown and processed in a gluten-free facility. That being said, some may still react to them so you’re the best judge of whether they will be suitable for you or not.

Have you tried overnight oats? Let me know what you think of them in the comments if you have. I hope you enjoy this!

Overnight oats with banana and almond butter

Overnight Oats
Serves 2



  1. Place half the oats, almond milk and cinnamon into one jar and the other half of these ingredients into another
  2. Mash the roasted almond butter and banana together, then place half in each jar
  3. Stir all ingredients well to combine and ensure there are no big lumps of almond butter/banana mixture in either of the jars, then put a lid on both and place them in the fridge overnight
  4. Decorate the top of the oats with berries, a little extra cinnamon and maple syrup or honey the next morning before serving then enjoy!

Note: You can substitute the almond milk for any milk of your choosing and the almond butter for any nut or seed butter of choice. Just taste to ensure you like the flavour and adjust accordingly by perhaps adding more cinnamon, maple syrup etc.

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  1. I’ll be honest, I’ve never tried overnight oats! I know, I live in the dark ages! But I haven’t tried it for the reason you just mentioned! Guess, I’ll have to change that!

  2. That overnight oats makes for a divine breakfast and the photo is beautiful, mouthwatering!

  3. I could eat overnight oats every single day! I love the fruits and flavors you put together! Perfectly delightful!!

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