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Kohlrabi fries

This past weekend, I went along to the Mort Bay Community Garden working bee with a gorgeous friend so I could join up and start the growing of my green thumb. Sadly, my current status is black thumb ๐Ÿ˜• but I would dearly love to create an edible balcony in […]

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Banana pancakes

Pancakes can feel like such an indulgent treat, but depending on your choice of ingredients they can also make a wholesome and nourishing breakfast….. or snack as is often the case for me. A delicious pancake needs very few ingredients as I’ve found, although they need a little more care […]

Sydney Cafes

Egg of the Universe

ย  Egg of the Universe (EOTU) is a little haven in the midst of a very busy little burb. Youโ€™d never know what joys awaited you out the back from seeing the tiny, otherwise nondescript shop frontage, but step inside, walk to the back and you will find yourself in […]

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Chocolate crackles

Chocolate crackles were synonymous with partyย when I was a wee kiddie. Weren’t they? Was it the same for you? It was absolutely no kind of birthday celebration at all if chocolate crackles weren’t on the table, but being a wholefoods lover these days I looked back over that recipe and […]