Fermentation Block Party


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Music, chats and wholesome snacks while fermenting jars of delicious things with some new buddies? Why, yes thanks! Our fermentation block party is going to be a cracker.

The Autumn equinox is approaching and what does one do at the beginning of Autumn? We start fermenting, pickling and preserving our produce so we have a cupboard full of nourishing foods that will keep us well during the cooler months. And fermented foods full of prebiotic and probiotic goodness will certainly do that for us.

If you’ve been considering dipping your toe into the realm of fermentation come and join us. This isn’t a class…. it’s just a small, very relaxed group hang out. We’re each going to make one big (2L) jar of red cabbage and apple sauerkraut with bush herbs together, all while chatting, listening to some tunes and eating some delicious things.

Never made kraut before? No worries! I’ll have a recipe for you here and all of us will help you make yourself a super delicious batch. Got questions about fermented foods for gut health? Bring them along, and we can chat about just that while we’re squishing veg into jars.

Important info:

  • Please BYO chopping board, big bowl, large knife and apron
  • Your ticket cost covers jars, organic produce and snacks
  • Full address will be sent to you once your ticket is booked. It will be in Pyrmont, which is a very central location. On site parking also available.