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Food in Jars Mastery Challenge 2019

Who saw my Facebook post about joining in the Food in Jars Mastery Challenge for 2019 this morning? It looks like a wonderful thing to be part of, and for so many reasons. It creates community, we’ll learn new skills and it helps us save money while also reducing waste. What’s not to love?! As an added bonus, we’ll also have a cupboard full of delicious things at the end of the year… (if we haven’t eaten them by then!).

I promised an amended schedule this morning that was more in line with the Southern Hemisphere. You will see that below here. We could play along with the schedule that was set by the lovely Marisa from Food in Jars however, that wouldn’t allow us to take advantage of our own local produce when it’s at it’s best. I am Sydney based so this is very much focused on the East Coast of Australia. If you’re over on the West Coast or up North you may have some other produce that you’d prefer to work with that month. That’s absolutely fine!

Food In Jars Schedule_Southern Hemisphere
To get started

You will need to do two things if you haven’t done so yet:

  1. Join the Food In Jars Community on FB and;
  2. Sign up to the Food in Jars newsletter so you get the monthly blog posts (the sign up form is at the bottom of the page).

Points to note

  • Some months are well out of alignment with the original schedule. This may mean we’re preserving some of the foods before the Food in Jars blog post is published. Not ideal, but that’s how our seasons roll! 
  • When a miss-match does occur – I will publish other recipes from Food in Jars that suit the food being used and if I can’t find one there, I’ll find one elsewhere so we can keep up. Just remember to read over the relevant post when it’s published later in the year so you keep the learning up
  • The Food in Jars admins deeply value science-based food safety regulations (as do I!). We definitely don’t want anyone becoming unwell because of un-tested preservation techniques. Just be conscious of this (and any other group rules) when interacting in the online community.

That’s it! Stay in the know by being active in the Food in Jars Facebook Community and I will also be checking in on everyone on my own Facebook page. Tag me (@thetoleranttable) in your Instagram posts too so I can see your masterpieces!


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