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Kohlrabi fries

This past weekend, I went along to the Mort Bay Community Garden working bee with a gorgeous friend so I could join up and start the growing of my green thumb. Sadly, my current status is black thumb πŸ˜• but I would dearly love to create an edible balcony in […]

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Banana pancakes

Pancakes can feel like such an indulgent treat, but depending on your choice of ingredients they can also make a wholesome and nourishing breakfast….. or snack as is often the case for me. A delicious pancake needs very few ingredients as I’ve found, although they need a little more care […]

Sydney Cafes

Orchard St

Β Β  I don’t remember the first time I heard aboutΒ Orchard St, but when I got there it was definitely love at first sight.Β I do remember that my first visit was to their Bondi store to grab a few juices and smoothies for a road trip up North, then a little […]

Sydney Cafes

Venus Wholefoods

Updated 23 June 2017 – originally published 13 Jan 2015 Instagram is a wonderful thing. Not only is it an artistic medium that allows us to give our own perspective to the things we see each day, it’s also a platform that enables us to share our favourite finds. I […]